Fairs & festivals

You can find me on some Fairs and Festivals, in The Netherlands and sometimes abroad.

Coming up in 2018: The first European Guitar Concerto Competition & Festival in Groningen, from january 29th. untill february 4th. at the Prins Claus conservatory and the Oosterpoort Theatre.
For the festival programme go to http://www.dutchguitarfoundation.com/guitarfestival-home_ENG.html

There will be a guitar expo on Wednesday January 31. I’ll be showing there a.o. my latest project, a fifth-bass guitar and a terz-guitar http://janzonjeegitaren.nl/odd-size-instruments-en/.

There will be some other fine instrument makers, as Hans van Velzen and Michael Battel. More info about the expo: http://www.dutchguitarfoundation.com/guitarfestival-expo_ENG.html


Enkele gitaren


Traditioneel gebouwde flamenco-gitaar

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Klassiek Moerbei Crossover

Deze gitaar is in meerdere opzichten een kruising

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Small Jumbo All European

Small Jumbo model, volledig gemaakt uit Europese houtsoorten.

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Nylonsnarige oktaafgitaar (2016) met mensuur van 392 mm..

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Tertsgitaar All European

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